Office & Home Cleaning Services Dhaka is one of the best office and home cleaning services company in Dhaka Bangladesh. We have been providing different cleaning services in Dhaka and other major cities in Bangladesh. Complete cleaning, Deep cleaning, Home & Office Cleaning. Licensed & Insured Firm. High-Quality Services. Order Online.


Cleaning is essential as it’s related to disease and hygiene. Valo Clean is known for Best cleaning Company in Bangladesh. We have a set of worker to provide quick cleaning services. Our experts have the ability to deal with facility service, regular cleaning, specialized cleaning, office cleaning and restaurant cleaning services. We use this professional cleaning system so our clients are always satisfied and can expect a consistently clean and beautiful space.

Here’s how we work:

1/ We first inspect the cleaning place
2/ Secondly we create customized plans for cleaning
3/ Finally we earn ‘clients’ satisfaction with a 5-star level of cleaning service

Why We Are Best:

1. We provide neatly uniformed hygienic cleaners for house & office cleaning services.
2. We have imported cleaning equipment’s and chemicals and we will use best technique that is best suit for your type of carpet.
3. Our Cleaner’s know which chemical’s to use for which type of cleaning so that your material’s are not damaged.
4. We use an all natural, green-certified cleaning solution that does not contain any harsh soaps or chemicals and is completely safe and non-toxic for your family and pets.
5. Our customized cleaning plan will improve the look of your premises.
6. We provide the service more than what you expect.
7. Our Cleaner’s are trained and experienced and they know what they are doing.
8. We are the cleaning solution for all types of your cleaning needs.
9. Our Cleaner’s are background verified and so you can trust on them.
10. Our Price is Competitive as we believe in quality service and long-term relationship.

home cleaning service Dhaka

Sofa Cleaning: We provide affordable sofa cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh. Get It Done Right Call Your Valo Cleaning Pros, Friendly & Honest Service. Professional Service. Schedule A Cleaning. Get A Quote. Chat Support Available. Highlights: Experts Available

Home Cleaning: Looking for luxurious cleaning services? We pamper your home with a 5-star level of service. Our experienced and affordable home cleaning service has maintained the standards for our customers to get professional and effective service. Trained Staff Members. Highlights: Customer Service Available, Team Of Highly-Trained Staff.

Office Cleaning: When it comes to your office, we ensure that every nook and cranny is spotless! Quality Cleaning Services that can be Tailored and Customized to your Business needs. Our commitment is to enhance the beauty of your office. Very Punctual. 100% Satisfaction.

Commercial Cleaning: Create a lasting impression with professional commercial cleaning services from Valo Clean. We Give The Highest Standard Of Clean. Sanitizing Commercial Spaces Of All Sizes. Germanders Sanitizing & Disinfecting Commercial Services Keep Your Team Safe. One-Time Clean Up.

Restaurant Cleaning: Use our significant cleaning checklists to create a cleaning schedule for your restaurant to improve general health and safety. Most Trusted restaurant cleaning service specializes in deep cleaning from kitchens to covers flooring, walls, and light fixtures. Valo Restaurant cleaning service specializes in deep cleaning from kitchens to dining areas and covers flooring, walls. 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning: Highly Trained Professionals to Handle All Types of Cleaning Jobs. Get It Done Right Carpet Cleaning Expert, Friendly & Honest Service. Team Of Professionals. Schedule A Cleaning. Full Range Of Services, carpet repairs and installation. 100% Satisfaction. Very Punctual. Accountable.

Car Wash: A full-service Valo car wash should include all of those items plus interior vacuum and washing and possibly interior window cleaning. Fully clean & disinfected cars prior to every ride – Plastic partition in every unit. Does Your Vehicle Need a Professional Detailing Job? book with us.

Our Cleaning Services:

• Bathroom Deep Cleaning
• House outdoor and indoor Cleaning
• Floor Cleaning
• Sofa/Chair Cleaning
• Kitchen Cleaning
• Carpet Cleaning
• Full Home Deep Cleaning
• Window Cleaning
• Room Cleaning
• Fridge Cleaning
• Pest Control Service
• Vertical Blind Cleaning
• Tank and Reservoir Cleaning
• Concrete Cleaning
• Roof Washing
• Parking lots clean
• Office Disinfection & Sanitisation
• Commercial Special Cleaning Services
• Restaurant Cleaning Services
• Industrial Cleaning