Pest Control Service in Dhaka

If you are homeowner or office owner and you need professional pest control service in Dhaka city. Valo Clean is the right choice. Our team has been providing top industry leading treatment methods for pest control in Dhaka and we pride ourselves on our reputation. . Our high-quality and professional group is based on a team of experts insect pest control service meets your high-quality standards and norms. Keep your home, office or workplace free from all types of pests. Maintain a healthy life.

Our pest control Services:

  • Ant Control Service
  • Lizard control Services
  • Rodent control Service
  • Cockroach Control Service
  • Mosquito control Services
  • Spider Control Service
  • Termite Control Service
  • Bug Bugs Removal and Control
  • Bird control Service
  • Food safety and ensuring the absence of pests

Why we are the best

Valo Clean is the Bangladesh leader in pest control, delivering expert and reliable services to commercial and private customers in Bangladesh. As the experts in pest control, we work closely with you. Our activities always aim for a superior long-term result and we apply the renowned principles of Integrated Pest Management in order to minimize the effects on the environment. During the global coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Valo Clean is continuing to provide essential pest control services to businesses to protect them from the risks caused by pest infestations.

Why People Choose us?

Our highly trained technicians supply professional pest-control services very carefully. We are ideally positioned to deliver results for any business requiring pest control solutions. We are Committed to providing leading pest control solutions and unparalleled pest management services for commercial environments such as food processing facilities and hotels,  Our new research and Development Centre brings science, innovation and technical expertise together to drive the development of new pest management solution. Our highly trained technicians conduct honey bee removal and control; rodent, bird and bat exclusions from all types of homes and structures; and live trapping of nuisance urban wildlife pests. Because we understand that ensuring your client’s premises are pest-free is vital, which is why we’ll protect the premises and provide you with recommendations to bolster its defences against pests.